Eric Stampfli

Jane Magnolia
32″ x 48″ x 1″

I began making photographs more as a necessity than any grand experiment in creating art. Going back as long as I can remember I have always seen pictures in my head. At first ill formed like the fragments of a dream that I’m trying to remember this medium became the tool that I used to give definition to and make real those images. This is how I learned photography. It wasn’t about trying to capture a pretty sunset or portrait of a friend or the unfolding drama on a city street. It was alone in a studio learning to trust and ultimately reproduce the images I saw.

It was there, while learning my craft I discovered how to tell stories with my photographs and discovered that this medium is far from just a visual one. Like memory itself a good photograph is so very much more then just the picture, if I am successful in incorporating the other senses the viewer can experience my work rather then just see it.