Kevin Sloan

Birdsong at Resurrection Orchard
acrylic on canvas
48″ x 54″ x 1.5″

My work is ongoing inquiry into whether a painting can simultaneously hold the qualities of wonder and awe amid the mundane and overlooked. This duality is reflective of our contemporary condition, one marked by dislocation and loss in the midst of the overwhelming and spectacular.

Additionally, I remain interested in what it means to be a painter of the natural world in a time of such extraordinary change environmentally, politically and socially. I remain aware of all happening around while avoiding topical reportage and editorializing. Instead, I assume the role of a compassionate witness. My hope is that compassion allows for empathy, which pushes away cynicism, which in turn allows curiosity and wonder to find a place in the work.

While rooted in the tradition of representational painting, the work acknowledges the inherently tenuous and abstract quality of paint on canvas while honoring the narrative possibilities of representation and metaphor.