Silvia Wagensberg

Is This Recyclable 4 (Happy Together)
Digital Print
24″ x 18″ x 0″

Raised and trained in Barcelona (Universitat de Bellas Arts Sant Jordi) my practice is haunted by my move from the old world to the new. My work today is focused more than ever on both the public and the private issues of identity and the natural environment in my immediate context. I currently live and paint in Venice, California. I am very familiar with my surroundings since I love to hike and ride my bike along the coast.

I am painter by training and over the years I have developed a series of digital collages dedicated to the catastrophic environmental and social issues that humanity is facing today on both a global and personal level. These collages were created using images of my own paintings adapted through digital processes on my computer. These illustrations have been published on an annual basis since 2015 in Maintenant, a Dada magazine from Three Room Press NY.