Jake Weigel

Plant Studies (Aloe Vera)
3D printed PLA
40″ x 8″ x 8″

My work has developed through concepts taken from a range of studies including art theory, architecture, philosophy, ecology, mysticism and literature. at theoretical physics, dark matter and string theory with absurdist tendencies that contradict a perceived reality. The post-humanist philosophy of object-oriented ontology has also been integral to recent work, specifically with hyperobjects, complex entities that transcend humans’ ability to perceive over extended space and time. Climate change is the most common hyperobject used to explain the concept and the “Plant Studies” series combines an interest in systems-based thought with new technology and ecological concerns. They are 3D scanned and printed using a transparent plastic that seemingly contradicts their organic and “natural” qualities while also exposing the plant like structure of the print itself which is also made from soy-based filament material.