Monique Wales

Lupinus bicolor
Reductive Linocut Relief
17″ x 14″ x 1″

Largely nature-inspired by the magnificent environs and inhabitants around Yosemite, where she lives and works, the diverse and beautiful state of California, and her frequent travels abroad, Monique’s work is a labor of love and an exercise in patience. She focuses on woodblock and linocut relief and intaglio printmaking. Monique finds the meditative, time-consuming and intricate nature of this centuries-old medium enhances the experience of creation in her works.

Monique hopes to bring awareness of the importance of wild spaces and their increasingly threatened inhabitants to her audience. Her inspiration is steeped in her own discovery and observation as a certified California Naturalist. Her work imparts the peacefulness, serenity and wonder she experiences when exploring deep in the forests of the Sierras, along the California coast or on her travels to other parts of our beautiful planet.