Amber Stucke

MAPS (Rhizome State)
112 Unique Ghost Drawings, Folded Black Carbon Paper
54″ x 85″

What is a rhizome and what is our interactions with rhizomes? Stucke connects these questions to her current project on Rhizome State. Rhizome State is a state of mind of becoming rhizomatic relationships to explore the idea, ontology, and uses of rhizomes through an interdisciplinary process interconnecting the study of ethnobotany, local knowledge systems, plant-human relationships, and the imagination.

Amber Stucke is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, California. She identifies her work within ideas of social relationships situated between artistic research, science and imagination. Through materials of sound and language, performance, installations, embodied and appropriated drawings, scientific prints and DIY artist books, her research interests include questions of symbiotic and rhizomatic relationships, Native American ethnobotany, local knowledge systems, plant-human relationships, evolutionary biology, consciousness, and the appropriation of visual scientific classification structures.